Giant An Technology Workroom



1.        Fuel Cells related items

l  Distribution Products: DuPont Nafion® non-reinforced films, fabric reinforced membranes and polymer dispersions (service for Taiwan only)

l  PEMFC parts and components

l  Fuel Cells Test and Measurement Station: parts and components, system integrating service, software and programming service (using VB or LabVIEW)

2.        Measurement and automation

l  Distribution Products: LabJack series(T7,U3,U6,UE9,U12,…), a multifunction data acquisition and control device features a breakthrough price/performance ratio

l  Selling Products: iUSBDAQ-U120816, the lowest price USB 2.0 full speed daq (data acquisition module) for small budget projects and academic projects

l  Sale products from National Instruments and Pico Technology

l  Service for system integrating and programming



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